Common questions about therapy

"Why should I see a therapist?"

Professional counseling can help you or a family member face emotional or behavioral challenges when you feel stuck or are having feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, hopelessness or self-criticism.


Maybe you have a strained or difficult relationship with your children, coworkers, partner, friends, or peers needs and need some help in working through it.


Or maybe your child or teen has been oppositional towards you and others and continues to have difficulties even though you have tried everything.


Or maybe your child simply has simply been withdrawing from you or is

having trouble adjusting to an adoption.


Whatever issues you are facing in life, if you feel stuck, a little professional guidance can help you see things more clearly, get past the hurdles, and get your life back on track.


"Will people think I'm crazy if I see a therapist?"

If you are seeking support and guidance, you are probably sane. How else would you know that you need support from a trained professional? People seek therapy because they feel ‘stuck’, not crazy.


There are still those who feel threatened by therapists and psychiatrists, but that number has shrunk considerably and many people seek short-term help these days to deal with a life issue. Discretion is part of the therapeutic relationship, so your visits and what we discuss will be confidential.


A therapist will listen to what you have to say, then help you understand

yourself better so that you can make the changes that will allow you to be more in control of your life. That doesn’t sound like ‘crazy’ to me.


"Will I be lying on the couch, as the therapist nods, says “Uh-huh” and writes on a notepad?"
There is a couch in my office, but therapists are different from psychiatrists, so I’m not here to ‘analyze’ you but to talk with you. You can use the couch if that makes you more comfortable, but normally we sit together and talk.


I do take notes sometimes though as we talk. I identify the strengths in you that will motivate you to create the changes you want in your life. And I may make notes to reference later. But together, we develop strategies to deal with the issues that have you ‘stuck’.


"Will you make decisions for me or tell me what to do?"

I will not make decisions for you. It will be a collaborative effort between us.

"Doesn't therapy go on for years?"
Not typically, although it can if needed. It depends upon the issue, your

willingness to share what you’re feeling, on how well you accept

responsibility for your role in it, and your progress in implementing the

changes you want to make. I’m there for you as long as you need me but, unlike psychiatry, I’m not looking to analyze your entire life. Therapy focuses on unsticking a particular functional problem or issue in your life.


"Is therapy expensive?"

Is your life and happiness important? The first consultation is free so that

you can see if I’m the right person to work with. After that, my fees are very reasonable.